Rhino Tex is the largest PVC- coated fabric distribution source in USA

If you're in need of high-quality PVC-coated fabric, PVC-coated mesh, laminated tent materials, PVC clear films, or any other industrial materials, we've got you covered. Whether you need to purchase container loads or pallet quantities, we offer you the best quality industrial and tarpaulin material at wholesale pricing.

What We Provide

At Rhino Tex we want to meet your industrial material needs, so we offer container and pallet quantities of PVC-coated fabrics to meet any consumption requirements. Our products are PVC-coated materials, and our tarpaulin and industrial materials are fire-resistant, mildew resistant, UV resistant, lead-free and - 40-degree cold crack. These treatments are added to ensure that your products can weather any storm. In addition, our materials are high-tenacity and made to last. You'll get great products that are worry- free.

Who Are We

We began our company journey with the goal to create and distribute superior material at the lowest price possible, and since we are a wholesale supplier, we make lower pricing a priority. We want each customer to feel satisfied with their tarpaulin material wholesale products, which is why we focus on being attentive to each customer's technical requirements. We want each customer to know they're valued and appreciated, so we do our best to provide friendly and reliable service. Our service is designed to meet your needs. We provide superior products that will make you feel confident in what you're getting as well. We make sure to communicate and understand thoroughly what you need so we can recommend the best product for you. Our experience has given us the tools to answer all of your tarpaulin-related questions. If you need excellent industrial materials in container quantities or pallet quantities, contact us today at 909-548-3910. We will give you the product you need at the best possible pricing.